Thursday, 1 October 2009

, of what's left

The potentially penultimate blog of the whole 6 weeks comes to you a few hundred metres from the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. The final long bus has been taken and the final bus ticket (to the airport) has been bought.

Mendoza WAS the place for me, if i was to move/live here (out of the places i saw (in an ideal world)) because it was beautiful, easy and most importantly kept some South American authenticaness.

There isn't a lot for me to say, or at least for my mind to process even after a 'Cama suite'-d sleep from Mendoza to here, because i'm tired, not tired because of lack of sleep last night, because for the last 6 weeks EVERYDAY has been a busy day. With so little time for relaxation, contemplation or creation of clever blogs, as you can tell by the writing level decreasing an age level after every blog.

Neither of us have all to much to do in Buenos Aires apart from spend our last remaining money on alcohol before we have to spend twice as much on it so the Queens corgies can get bathed daily in their specially made shampoo.

Lets hope i end this blog on something witty and reflective, and not this.

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