Monday, 28 September 2009

Not even time for a coffee

Looks like this will be another short one as Ben is rushing me out of Chile quicker than Speedy Gonzalez tries to escape border control on his various attempts as life as an American citizen.

Uyuni firstly, another 3 days of ´being taken places and shown things´ in actuality, but in reality an fantastic 3 days of basically seeing where God fucked up geography, from boiling days to VERY cold nights and leaving wet socks hanging off a jeep in the summer heat (which Ben and I also did with our bodies) will freeze them and not dry them. A rainbow of lakes, sulphide shoe trapping puddles and more salt than if the whole world ate at McDonnalds,everyday, for a year.

Sandboarding, San Pedro and Santiago have NOT been successful, the 23 hour bus ride possibly being the most entertaining part of the Chile trip. I personally would like to see if we could get some ski-ing or rafting around here, just to make the country not seem as inaccessible as it has been. I do like the LOOK of it however, i just think a day is wasted here, whereas a week wouldn´t be, because you´d know what you to do. Irony or unlucky?

So it seems like we´re going to head for a good juggling spot, perhaps one of the coffee shops we´ve heard the good reviews about and "get the fuck out of here" possibly the most used expression of the holiday and possibly the only time it has been appropriate.

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