Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My first and last automotive experience

This is difficult to write, without sounding melodramatic so i apologise if it comes across like a bad "shark jumping" soap story with little end product.

So, as you all should know, i don´t want to drive...anything. I´ve never tried a car or motorbike or anything where the concept of "gas" comes into play. Yesterday we went quad biking, if we had paid for 10 minutes less i would have said it was excellent. Until this it was excellent, from building us up from simple on/off gas to riding to the outskirts and seeing Cusco from above and even doing jumps.

To say what happened is folklore, in the sense that i am making part of it up based on half-truths i.e. i can´t remember fully. It happened very fast, a seconds concentration escaped me, i hit something and turned my handlebars, very much the wrong way... On the side of the [dirt, down the mountain] road there was a big ditch, about 6-7 ft deep and ALMOST the exact width of the quad bike, this "almost" is probably the reason i currently have no broken bones... I flew, maybe 6-7 metres (don´t ask why i´m swapping measuring systems, this is how i know it)into a wall and down into this deep ditch.

I now have a scar to match Bens (almost exactly), a bruised bum and a limp that makes Kaiser Soze look like Usain Bolt, although i´ve vastly improved since yesterday. I´ve decided that i AM going to trek Macchu Picchu for 5 days, a grueling task for anyone, let alone someone that finds the set of stairs up to their Hostel a 15 minute job. I don´t care, it´s why i came to South America and i´m not letting some stupidity on my half and a backside that feels like i spent a night in WMCAs prison ruin that.

We weren´t insured (putas) so i had to spend $700 on the quad bike i basically wrote off and we spent close to 3 hours getting it out of this ditch (well them, i was lying on the floor struggling with Spanish with two local kids)

All in all it could have been ALOT worse, and it is a story far better than what the "Do you not know about me" man was telling from the last blog. Now its even more likely that that´ll be the last time that i´ll be burning up our atmosphere...

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