Saturday, 26 September 2009

Salkantay, Salar de Uyuni and Sandboarding

9 days since the last post with more happening in my life than an entire season of ER, i have a lot to say. So get your teas ready (a lifestyle i may finally start adhering to) and put those messenger status´ to busy - this is going to be a long one...

...Well that was the intention, but with sand in my eye feeling like a scratch perverts track stuck on repeat with a broken needle itching over the record after sandboarding today and the fact that i have to eat quickly before going to the worlds biggest private observatory to actually be able to look at the stars without the emo cliche, i doubt it will be.

Salkantay, this was amazing. The trek itself, the view, the peacefulness, the achievement and all the joys of thermal baths, glacial swimming (maybe not a joy!) and getting under waterfalls. Plus other, non-water based experiences all leading to a 4 O´clock wake up and effectively running the 100´s of stairs to the top of the mountain to get Wynnie Picchu tickets, DEFINATELY worth it. We were like Gods on the highest stones overlooking Macchu Picchu (a wonder that actually lived up to excessive hype) with creases carved into the stone from other people who liked to also literally feel "on top of the world". Personally, it is the best place i have ever sat. Period.

OK, MUCH shorter than i imagined, but as with everything left of the 6 days we have on this side of the big puddle, it is rushed. Hopefully tomorrow with a lonngggg lonely bus ride (Ben left for Santiago today) i will create a more witty and entertaining entry, one that actually completes this title..

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  1. Just read through all your stuff, i thought id missed loads but it all came flooding back to me, its cos i usually read it when im drunk, and start crying thinking WHY, but no i still couldn't have come, even though i will have wish'd i could till the end of days. this one sounds sooo amazing, i would have loved to have sat in the best place in the world too.