Sunday, 13 September 2009

Filling the second half of the glass

Over an overpriced taco lunch Ben and I came to the realisation there is only 20 days left and we still have to go further north, twice. So our money problems are now replaced by watching the watch of Bens phone, our only way of knowing the time.

We are about to leave Bolivia, a place 6 months ago i was hardly considering visiting and turns out to be the focal point of our time strapped race across the continent. Currently however we are sitting in an Internet cafe pondering how the Bolivians can adapt to life without the "@" and apostrophe symbols on their keyboards after a funny experience of kayaking this afternoon with Ben being too big for the kayak similar to "ambos" (both, the Spanish word for today) of us making our way through the Inca ruins on Isla del Sol. Following this, I (yes i admit it was me) trotted back to the port lesuirely enjoying the "Cypriot-like" landscape, without the Turkish (yes that was for you Nick) and missed our boat, causing us to pay some locals to take us to the south island (as attempting a 2 & 1/2 hour walk in 1 hour didnt seem all to appealing).

Ironically this is the clearest water i have ever seen yet is far less tempting to swim in than the sludge-brown rivers of the amazon, perhaps it is the lack of alligators...

Another realisation weve had is that together Ben and I have not been out to ONE proper club yet, refreshingly showing that this is more than a southern hemispherical booze cruise, however now were off to Cusco (where hopefully i be able to get some pictures up!), a party city. So we will be filling up the second half of the glass there.

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