Saturday, 22 August 2009

Southern Hemisphere

I was scared of writing another negative blog and i would have done had i had access to the Internet in the ever repeating corridors of the Sao Paulo airport, like when the Simpsons get taken to the Itchy and Stracthy studio. Somehow, however i made it to the other side of the world all by myself and i´m in the Circus hostel/hotel after being driven into an area the taxi driver described as "surrounded by drugs and prostitues" and realised that maybe the bus driver misinformed me of the best place to stay.

In attempt to tackle jet lag the quick way i planned nothing for last night, but i did get the enjoyment of walking into a restaraunt and instead of being offered smoking/non-smoking the choices were flamenco/non-flamenco. Perhaps picking the wrong type of beef, i got the enjoyment of seeing a very charasmatic man take the stage (when i thought it was more of a womans forte) and realise that now i really am on holiday.

p.s. I got up this morning and get into the lift there is a naked man in there who the receptionist is forcing to put his clothes back on, lovely thing to wake up to.

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