Sunday, 23 August 2009


This´ll be short, as depsite it being almost midnight i am still hungover. Me, TWO people i met in the hostel and a bunch of crazy Chileans on a stag party went to a club of monumental size - it was like a castle - last night and where the spirit is about a 4 to 1 ratio of mixer and only a few drinks will quickly have you dancing inside of a glass cage with a discoball. Today we went to see Boca vs Argentinos where Argentinos got TWO in the first half for Boca to come back to make it TWO all, with all the goals being infront of us and not the other end of the stadium where the Boca fans powered by passion stronger than Duracell dancing, sang and generally went crazy for the entire 90 minutes and more. TWO nights have passed and TWO nights till Ben arrives and we leave Buenos Aires (Although it looks like i´m going Uraguay for the day tomorrow by boat) which´ll be sad as i´m getting quite into this city. I don´t have my lead so i can´t upload a picture and i know if i get back into my room then my head will hit the bed like Wild-E-Cayote having on of his trademark ACME anvils dropped on his head, but i have got some good ones.

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