Monday, 31 August 2009

Under pressure

Or not. I don´t fully understand how this high altitude works as we are in Potosi, the worlds highest city. Already, well from the second the border of Argentina was crossed at 8 O´clock on a freezing Sunday morning, the look of Bolivia is significantly different. Yet in its odd little way - including waiters being an average age of 7 and people standing in the middle of the desert (literally miles from anywhere) to get picked up by our bus - i like it. Today we will be braving our insurance claims again going down the silver mines and throwing dynamite down them (i hope in that order).

I can´t really understand how to use the cd/dvd player to put up a photo (again) but i am hopefully that you´ll get more than the one on the first night in this entire six weeks, but no promises. There is always the endless albums on facebook preceeding an adventure like this, with my trigger happy cameraness i think i may eventually exceed 2000 photos...

The people we have met so far have been amazed by our attempt to fit in all we have planned in 6 weeks, and now i´m starting to see why. Lack of sufficient blog time alone shows how busy we have been, but i don´t think there are two other people that need to be constantly entertained as much as Ben and I, so it works well.

After the last post we coincidentally had LOTS of time to kill as we re-arranged to get a night bus up to the border, but i couldn´t do a more satisfactory blog due to a man we simply knew as "Internet" because he spent the entire time on the one computer the hostel had. This makes me feel better about lack of blogging as it doesn´t keep me addicted to the Internet. I´ve had this time as i´ve sent Ben off to get some breakfast which, like all food in Bolivia, scares me.

He´s here, and what we´ve termed as "Gringofied" our breakfast, (Americanised) so that we can be confident of eating safe so that we aren´t ill when we go kill ourselves down a mine.

Hasta Luego x

This is us playing with live dynomite:

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